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About the Cobbs Hill Process


Greetings from Cobbs Hill Sugarhouse!
We are glad you're here and hope you are considering the purchase of pure maple syrup from the State of Maine. We are a small-scale operation located in Mount Vernon -- roughly the center of the state.


Our goal is to tap the strongest, best-looking sugar maples with traditional spiles and buckets. We boil fresh sap on a wood-fired evaporator. Maple syrup is a true gift from nature -- and we take our job seriously!

Large scale operations pull sap using gas-powered pumps and plastic tubes. They

send it through reverse osmosis machines and boil it over oil-fired evaporators. 

We don't and never will. 



Cobbs Hill Sugarhouse

945 North Road

Mount Vernon, ME 04352

(207) 620-2326