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Why Maple Infusions?

Greetings from Cobbs Hill Sugarhouse!

We are a family run operation in central Maine. We love the tradition of making pure maple syrup - one of nature's true gifts. Spring is a special time of year for us!

A while back, we found that if you take the purest syrup and add simple, organic ingredients, you might just be able to make a fabulous thing even better. So we've been infusing and blending our maple syrup ever since.

Once we're confident we've got the highest-quality Maine syrup, we start on our proprietary organic infusions and blends. By working in small batches we are able to achieve the subtle balance our customers have come to love. We are careful not to detract from the syrup's pure flavor. Flavors like Madagascar vanilla bean, elderberry, and birch syrup enhance the natural character of maple and provide a unique and memorable twist on a classic.

Our blends and organic infusions bring maple syrup to a new level. Try it for yourself - we bet you'll like what you taste.

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