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Maple Bean - This infusion with a single Madagascar vanilla bean creates a soft, buttery vanilla flavor that just barely elevates our Maine syrup.

$12 / 200ml

Sugar and Spice - A vibrant, spiced, but subtle flavor from infusion with an organic cinnamon stick. 

$12 / 200ml

Sleigh Me - Our seasonal peppermint flavor that you can enjoy year round. Minty and crisp, but always well-balanced. Try it on ice cream or in holiday drinks! 

$12 / 200ml

Sugarberry -  Our Elderberry infused syrup with berry and floral notes.

A new and unique flavor that is quickly becoming a favorite. 

$12 / 200ml


Tipsy Hoot Owl - Bourbon-barrel aged syrup with a gentle yet perceptible oaky bourbon flavor. A crowd favorite. 

$15 / 200ml

Hitched - Two great flavors, one happy marriage. "Hitched" is our bourbon-barrel aged syrup infused with a Madagascar vanilla bean. The buttery vanilla perfectly balances warm, rich bourbon notes. 

$15 / 200ml


Civil Union - Believe it or not, you can get syrup from birch trees. Civil Union is a robust, rich blend of 1/3 birch syrup and 2/3 maple. Perfect for dressings, glazes, and marinades - or straight from the spoon.

$15 / 200ml


Original Cin - Apple rum-barrel aged syrup with a cinnamon infusion.

A gently boozy, spiced fall flavor that we're sure will be a new favorite. 

$15/ 200ml


Hoot Owl BlendOur classic, delicious amber syrup. 

$10 / 200ml


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