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Traditional Syrups

From late February to mid-April, the team at Cobbs Hill Sugarhouse boils pure sap from some of the best-looking maple trees in Central Maine to create authentic maple syrup.


One of our favorites is what we call "hoot owl blend."  There is an old saying in the north Maine woods: when you hear the first hoot owl of the spring, it's time to tap!  Sure enough, it's true.  This blend is from our first runs of the season. 


As the season progresses, the syrups become darker.  Many relish the bold, "in your face" flavors of our dark robust syrups. 

Infused Organic Blends

The big news at Cobbs Hill Sugarhouse is the introduction of pure maple blends and infusions.  


So why infused maple syrup?  That's a great question -- and we get it all the time.  Pure maple syrup -- from some of the finest trees in the Maine woods -- is a true gift of nature.  It is a unique taste, something we are very proud to create each spring.  Those who have never tried pure Maine syrup are stunned by the richness.


Recently, we discovered that by carefully adding a few organic flavors we could create something even more spectacular.  Is it possible to build on perfect?   Just maybe.


A few of our customers hesitate when we offer a sample of one of our blends.  The smiles on their face, the look in their eyes, when they have a taste says a thousand words.  One customer said, "That's the best thing I've ever had in my mouth."  An exaggeration?  Try for yourself.


Maple Vanilla Bean:  We've painstakingly sorted through many of the vanilla beans on the market to match the best for our syrup.  Imported from Madagascar, a big slice of these organic vanilla beans is found in every bottle.  The outcome is smooth, flavorful, revealing.  


Maple Cinnamon Stick:  By adding an organic cinnamon stick to every bottle, then pouring in 180-degree pure syrup, we've created a fun, vibrant flavor.  The cinnamon is there, but it's not overwhelming. Awesome for pancakes, French toast, and oatmeal.  


Bourbon Barrel Aged:  Bourbon-aged products are popular, but the Cobbs Hill team takes extra steps to enhance the process.  Many maple producers put their syrups in large barrels.  We use "wet," smaller barrels (less than 15 gals) and let it soak for a long time.  The outcome is a rich, full-bodied flavor that, as they say in Maine, "really gets your attention."  


Birch/Maple Blend:  Believe it or not, you can create a rich, dark syrup from birch trees -- and given the health benefits of birch sap, a lot of folks are paying attention to our new blend.  Pure birch syrup is a bit heavy, however, so we're merging it with our maple syrup into what we're calling Civil Union.  Great for the morning, but also perfect for marinades, barbecues, salad dressings, and seafood.  If you want to impress friends with a new, robust flavor, try a bottle of our Civil Union.


New Infusions In the Mix:  The team at Cobbs is constantly searching out new infusions to accentuate the powerful flavors of our maple syrups.  Stay tuned -- especially during the holiday seasons.  Maple and peppermint? Classic Maine blueberry? You never know what we're cooking up. 


Samantha Jones, Project Manager